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    Can I claim married women's pension when my husband retires?

    I am a 70-year-old woman. I have drawn my state pension for 10 years. I do not get a full pension due to not paying enough National Insurance contributions. I receive 62.32 basic state pension, pre-97 additional state pension 6, graduated retirement benefit 12p a week.

    When my husband reaches 65 next year he will receive his state pension. Can I then claim married women's pension instead of my own? Would it be more pension than my own? If so, how and when do I go about claiming it?

    Mrs Ena Gentle

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    The amount of pension a woman can receive based on her husband's NIC record when he reaches national retirement age is 60% of the full amount, which currently equates to 64.40, just 2.08 more than you currently get in your own right. I believe that you can claim this so -alled 'married women's pension' (officially called a Category B pension) and still get the extra 6.12 a week additional pension that you are entitled to, but I have been unable to definitely confirm this. Assuming you can, you'll be 2.08 a week better off if your husband claims for you and you give up your own pension.

    According to Age UK's factsheet, if you are already receiving a state pension in your own right when your husband claims his state pension the Pension Service will normally pay you any Category B pension that you are entitled to, so that you do not have to make a new claim. So I guess if you are entitled to any more than you are getting now it should be paid automatically.

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