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    Can I raise money using a trust as security?

    I am a named beneficiary on a irrevocable trust in the UK, my parents who are now elderly set up a trust some years ago to avoid paying loads of inheritance tax, the trust comprises mainly of a property plus a few shares etc.I need to raise some funds to help with a move to the Middle East soon, would be very grateful for any assistance. I have looked at lots of sites but cannot find any info. Many thanks.

    Apologises if I have posted this on the incorrect forum I am new to the site
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    Possibly, but it sounds like a job for a specialist lender. As you know lenders are increasingly fussy about who they lend to, whether for mortgages, business ventures or anything else. In days gone by you might have easily obtained an unsecured loan, or with some sort of tentative security such as an inheritance or even the sale of the property you were purchasing with the loan (ie interest only). Now lenders will be looking for much more security, so it will depend on the terms of the trust and whether they think lending to you will offer them a good business opportunity, given that there are lots of other people looking for loans and they might do better lending it elsewhere.

    Give Tony Sanchez a call 01606 828 265 and see if his firm (Clara Capital) can help you or, if not, if he can point you in the right direction.

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    Many thanks for your reply.

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