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    Three new mortgages from Britannia - including a best buy fix

    Britannia Building Society's Flexible and Savings mortgages just got better, as well as the Society launching a highly competitive 2 year fixed rate mortgage.

    The Flexible and Savings mortgages, which previously tracked the Bank of England base rate + 0.85% for the life of the mortgage, have now been dropped to Bank of England base rate + 0.74%.

    The Savings mortgage, which allows borrowers to offset their savings, has now a new introductory discount for the first 6 months of 2.00%, an initial rate of 2.99% (5.1% typical APR) before reverting to Bank of England base rate + 0.74%, which will be a rate of 4.99%.

    Britannia's Flexible mortgage also has a 6 month introductory rate of 2.99% (5.1% typical APR), including the discount of 2.00% before reverting to Bank of England base rate + 0.74%, a highly competitive rate of 4.99%.

    Britannia is also launching a 2 year fixed rate mortgage, with a competitive rate of 4.79% up to 95% LTV (5.9% typical APR).

    Alan Long, head of marketing, said: "Whether a customer is looking for long term product or a short fixed rate, these products offer great value to the man-in-the-street."

    For more information customers can ring:- 0845 842 9429? or log on to


    Charcol flags the two-year fix at 4.79% as a best buy

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    I would say any fixed rate deal below 5% is pretty good (as long as the fees and penalties etc. aren't too bad.)


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