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    Question submitted via Daily Express newspaper
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    How can I trace Hill Samuel Life Assurance?

    I am trying to contact a company called Hill Samuel Life Assurance Ltd, whose Registered Head Office was NLA Tower, 12-16 Addiscombe Road, Croydon CR9 2DR, Company Number 667 139, regarding a policy.

    I have been unable to trace the company, and the last correspondence I had was in 1995.

    Can you help?

    Iain Elliott

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    Did you try Google?

    Your Policy was originally issued by: Hill Samuel Life Assurance Limited and is now administered by:

    Abbey Life Assurance Company Limited
    Their Postal Address is: 100 Holdenhurst Road
    BH8 8AQ

    Their Telephone Number is: 01202 290 292
    Their Fax Number is: 01202 550 558


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