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    old post office savings bank book

    I have a post office savings book which belonged to my grandmother. One shilling was deposited in 1927 and the receipt is in the form of a George V stamp. Is either the deposit or the stamp worth anything?

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    My guess is yes but not much - and you might have trouble getting your hands on the money.

    NS&I has a free tracing service and you can download the form you need at or write to NS&I at:

    Tracing Service
    National Savings and Investments
    FY3 9YP

    For each claim, you should enclose any relevant documents, such as a passbook, certificate of investment, or relevant correspondence. They will confirm whether or not the funds have already been cashed in. If they haven't, they will advise of the current value and how to claim.

    You will probably at some point need to prove that you are the rightful heir to the money - which might prove more costly than the money you would receive from the account in return.

    The book itself might be of interest to a collector and you might get more money than you would from the account by offering it for sale on ebay. Alternatively, if you think the stamp might be of value it would be worth taking it to a specialist stamp dealer.


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