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    Is Saddam Hussein banknote worth anything?

    I have a 250 dinars note, issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, with a picture of Saddam Hussein on the back. Is this worth keeping? It was given to me just before the Iraq war broke out.

    Eirlys Jones

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    As a means of exchange it is totally worthless. There's a interesting article on Wikipedia about the history of the Iraqi dinar which tells you all about the history of the currency.

    Not only has the old currency has been replaced, there been massive inflation in Iraq both before and after the fall of Saddam and additionally many banknotes with Saddam’s image are counterfeit.

    For curiosity value it sounds quite interesting. There are probably still thousands of these notes around the world – many foreigners speculated in the Iraqi currency in the hope it would improve after the revolution – or hidden under Iraqi mattresses, so I’m not sure that you can rely on it being valuable to a collector, but because it has the face of a disgraced dictator on it, it certainly has interest value.

    Alternatively I know there are many pubs in the UK which decorate their walls and beams with notes from around the world and one might welcome the addition of your note if you would like to make a donation.


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